Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google: "I'm feeling Skypy"

Timesonline gives the scoop on the next off-internet move of internet search leader Google. Apparently, Google is planning on launcing a free PC to PC, or even PC to phone system, a field which Skype has pioneered until now. Early predictions make connections with Google's Local Search Service, currently in beta, which could enable with the help of this technology, direct FREE calls to local businesses straight from Google's search results.

How's that for direct responses? Meet the really useful Yellow Pages of tomorrow. Just search for what you want and then call for free. Looking for a dentist? See all the dentists in your area, on your area's map, make a shortlist of the closest to your home, do a search for feedback on each by opening a name search for each in a new tab of your firefox browser, and then, call for free and make an appointment.

This isn't the first 'off-the-web' move of the search engine giant, that gathers more than a third of the internet's searches and projects selections of them on a giant screen in its office building's reception. Google has launched a SMS search service in 2004, which allows you to search by sms. The service is free, but SMS's are not. HOWEVER, SMS's could be almost free, thanks to a new service called Zyb. More on that tomorrow.


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