Wednesday, August 10, 2005

HarperCollins Taps SMS to Promote Children's Novels

HarperCollins started an aggressive text messaging program to promote upcoming children's novels by ‘The Princess Diaries’, author Meg Cabot. Texting to sell texts for children...Now, that’s what I call a innovative promo! The publisher will send a variety of content and promotions via SMS to Cabot fans who join the Meg Cabot Mobile Club via the author's Web site. The club is promoted via an extensive online media buy. Mobile marketing enabler Flytxt will support the program, which includes text-based sweepstakes, trivia, screensavers and "voicetones" from the author.

We're hoping for a big pass-along when teens go back to school,
said James McKenzie, director of online marketing for HarperCollins Children's Books.
[Via Clickz]


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