Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Zyb helps prevent "acute tendonitis"

Italians are texting eachother like crazy.(37 per cent of "raggazzi"s are addicted to their cellphones). Italian physicists are digging into the issue of excessive use of the phone keyboards to send SMSes, and found out that it can get you a disease they call "acute tendonitis". News reports here and here.

Well, NO FUCKING WONDER. Wasn't it already obvious that the tiny, finger-tiring, mind-wrecking cell keyboard is NOT suited for heavy texting and that by using it this way, and hurting your fingers like a maniac COULD HARM you?

Zyb has an answer: use your PC keyboard to send SMSes. In fact, screw your phone (so it won't screw you): USE YOUR PC! Sending SMSes from your PC gives you the PC keyboard to type text messages both fast and with no pain associated and the power of your PC to use a feature-rich application that beats the hell out of any phone's integrated software.

What is this Zyb I keep mentioning? Well, it depends on when you are reading this post. It can be something between an empty site with a logo (at posting time)and the biggest sms operator across the globe. Its aim is to become a first-class service allowing you and all other "acute tendonitis"-free sms maniacs to send messages to mobile phones all over the globe, straight from your PC, AND, at very low prices.

As a final thought, thank God that I don't have to use my phone to blog!;)


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