Thursday, March 31, 2005

A South African framed his own hijacking through SMS

A technician at KwaZulu-Natal proved to have enough unconscious courage when he sent some SMS messages pretending to be hijacked and putting the police on national alert. The police was alerted after the technician sent a message to one of his colleagues saying: ”Hijacked. Please help. In Durban Road. Phone going off”. The "victim" indicated that the hijackers had overpowered him in Port Shepstone and stuffed him into the boot of his company's car.
But in fact, the young technician spent all R9000 taken from his boss on clothes and parties with prostitutes. During the day he sent more SMS saying that the hijackers stopped every 30 minutes to check if he was still alright. The police from many towns was alerted. But at one moment a policeman from Umtata said he had seen the young man picking up prostitutes together with another man. The man was caught and he will appear in Court soon being accused of theft and as well as of defeating the ends of justice.


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