Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dumping by sms

[Via MSN]
You have one message.

Dear John. We're thru :-(. It seems to me things aren't working that well. I'm sorry!
If you're a mobile user, then it's probably not the first time you've been dumped by sms. In March alone, Britain's Mobile Data Association says Britons sent 2.1 billion text messages, a 25 percent increase from the same month last year. Americans started also to use more the sms'es. So the "Dear John" sms dumping model is spreading fast I guess. Anyway,keep the discovery mode on...searching for new prospects. According to a last year poll( sorry, no updates yet) conducted by a market research firm called NOP for Sicap, a messaging services provider based in Bern, Switzerland,uh, nine percent of Britons admit dumping partner with text messages. I can't wait to see the results to the divorce by sms poll...or to the pregnancy test results sent by sms. 'Dear John, I'm pregnant. We're thru :-(. I'm sure you are not the father. It's the guy from Minolta. I'm sorry! In this case,it's good she told you to bug off. If you can pick up by SMS/MSN/email, then you can dump via them too, right? Fair's fair. Easier texted than done...


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