Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Boo! Interactive released SMS Answering Machine

Here comes yet another weird application for the sms: a program that can help you being polite when you are in a meeting and somebody calls you - this program can send then, automatically, a SMS message to the caller with information like "I am in adeep meeting, call me back after 17:00"...
SMS Answering Machine v1.0 will try to take care of all your calls while you’re in a meeting or can't answer the phone. You can fill out individual customized short messages, and choose your answer count and your phone will become your own personal assistant. You can set up your settings, and have it answer whomever you want, whatever message you want and as often as you tell it to. You can set different reply messages to each contact person, for example when your in a meeting and your wife calls, you can put "honey I’m in a meeting I’ll call you when I finish’. Each contact name can have his/her own SMS Message. It goes up to $24.99 and there is no version for MS Smartphone...
[Via Boointeractive]


At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Yeah i guess it's nice, what i've noticed about it is that you can set different sms replies for different people, which i was not able to do with Do not Disturb or the other application.


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