Sunday, July 24, 2005

SMS Satyagraha!

Here’s an interesting story about 627 families living in a multi-building complex in Mumbai that have bombarded officials with text messages. Apparenlty, they complained and urged action against the stench created by open garbage…a stinky situation that the Municipal Corporation has had to change by replacing some of their officials' cell phone numbers.
This little phenomenon could be called a SMS satyagraha! [for the uninitiated - Satyagraha is a philosophy of non-violent resistance against injustice, popularized by Mahatma Gandhi].
The story goes on though…the protestors took just two days to get hold of the new numbers and unleashed a fresh flurry of messages. While Day 1 saw over 300 SMSes beeping on hapless TMC officials' mobile phones, they are still receiving a 100 odd messages every day.
Before they turned their cell phones into weapons, the residents of Saket Complex had tried everything from petitioning TMC officials to dharnas to get rid of the garbage dump. "For the past 25 days the TMC has been dumping garbage here."
[Via Mumbai Mirror]


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