Friday, July 22, 2005

Contacts backup

Losing your mobile phone won’t mean losing all your contacts. Our service is just trying to fix that problem. We’ve just launched an online contacts backup service that will keep your friends in the visible dimension . It’s secure…all the data is safely protected and cannot be leaked. The contacts back-up service is still free(until further notice) if you haven’t bought SMS-credits from ZYB. You don’t have to install anything on your mobile – you just need to set-up some tool pre-installed on most phones (SyncML). After the sign up, the guides to set-up the phone will be shown under the back-up section after login. It's possible to backup your mobile contacts and copy them from one phone to another when buying a new phone. There’s no need to insert again all the numbers manually. The entire V-Card is backed up and can be restored (however, only some information is shown in their ZYB contact list). All contacts can be accessed through their ZYB account (under contacts). The ZYB account can be used to manage the contact list as the tool synchronize with the ZYB account. And one more thing…you’ll need GPRS in order to use this service. You have free backup for the first three months and you can backup and restore as often as you like for free. Outlook synchronization will be added later.


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