Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sms campaign appeal for informants - to single out polluters

A tug-of-war developed in Jakarta (Indonesia) between the drivers who are car-polluting and those auto or not auto roaming citizens who are turning into informants. (So, I presume informants on wheels are those drivers who only drive electric cars, right?) The thing is that Indonesians now have a chance to complain by SMS about the fumes they are spewing out. Apparently, it’s the authorities who are asking to citizens to turn into informants.

Pollution in Jakarta is getting worse every day. Public participation is crucial to reducing pollution. That's why we have been encouraging the public to send us their complaints by SMS. Rather surprisingly, many Jakartans have actually responded,
Ari Muhammad of Swisscontact told The Jakarta Post over the weekend.
Swisscontact is encouraging people to text their complaints to 0817-66-00001, stating how bad the smoke was, the type of vehicle -- taxi, bus, or mikrolet -- and the vehicles registration number.
[Via The Jakarta Post]