Friday, August 19, 2005

Teens 'use phones crossing roads'

Did you ever almost got hit by a car while you were both talking to your mobile phone and trying to cross the street? I know I did. Apparently, I’m not the only distracted mobile phone user… road safety group ‘THINK!’ thought that a survey might reveal some interesting data. Think: some 30% of London teenagers admit they are distracted by using their mobile phones when crossing the road. The research coincides with a national government TV advertising campaign targeting teenage pedestrians. It uses footage of an accident taken by a teenager on her camera phone. The survey also found the biggest distraction to London teenagers while crossing roads was talking to friends.

Most teenagers do look before they cross the road but many do not look properly and are easily distracted. This new ad shows how dangerous distractions can be and how vital it is to keep your mind on the road,
Road Safety Minister Stephen Ladyman said.
[Via BBC News]


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