Friday, August 05, 2005

SMS plan to evacuate Sydney if terrorists strike

Morris Iemma, New South Wales Premier, talked about Government's plan on how to swiftly evacuate Sydney's CBD in the event of a terrorist attack. 'The security alert system would see the managers of 1,500 building sites across the city receive an SMS message from an emergency command centre.' After receiving the sms alerts, they’ll direct people to three evacuation sites across the CBD, based in the Domain, Hyde Park and Darling Harbour. At the designated points, specially trained safety site marshals will provide information and direct people to the best transport routes home.
The plan also states that State Emergency Service workers and rural fire volunteers who work in the city will be encouraged to enlist as marshals.
Mr Iemma has defended the decision to release details of the strategy ahead of any attack.

It is a risk, it is about managing the risk. People are entitled to get information as to where they go because we know if an attack does occur, there is confusion, there is fear.I hope we are wasting our time today but we have got to be prepared,
Morris Iemma said.


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