Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sms novels in India

Novels written in the short-messaging system. Hmm... They’re already a rage in China, Japan and Taiwan, but in India it’s still a curious phenomenon: novels are written in the sms Lingo. 2 ct a lng stry shrt, rd a bk 2nite!
Sample this:

DeyReachDaStation & She Getz Out w/o thanx; He Goes 2 Da Platform, Da Cell Ph Is Wid Da Murdererz A few months ago,
the first chapter of the first-ever SMS novel, Out of The Fortress, by Chinese author Qian Fuchang, made news. Can anyone translate me please?
As New York Times records, thousands of teenagers stayed glued to their cell-phones. And this first SMS novel is also set to be made into a movie! Should this trend catch up, will we have an entire generation fostered on 'ths is gr8 lit' lingo? I know I can’t read this stuff.
I would never read it, though I've nothing against the medium. There is a danger of abuse of language but I am optimistic people who want to read a book will in the end go back to a book alone
, Indian writer, Shashi Deshpande, said.
[Via IndiaTimes]


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