Sunday, March 27, 2005

SMS saves a life

Text messages received from his family helped a scientist to survive in the Malaysian jungle. At least this is what microbiologist John Gillatt said, when he was found after he had missed five days. In fact, Gillatt, 55 years old, was rescued after making a mobile phone call to his wife, who was in Boston, 6,000 miles away. Until he was found he survived eating only some biscuits, an orange and an apple. He told his family that their text messages helped him to stay alive.
Gillatt was in a holiday and stayed at a hotel in Fraser’s Hill, near Kuala Lumpur. He got lost and spent two days trying to find on his own his way back. He dind't succeed, so he called his wife, who alerted the hotel. The scientist was found near a waterfall, exhausted, dehydrated, and bruised but otherwise unhurt.
Gillatt works for a chemicals company in Cheshire, and he has traveled widely, living for a year in Kuala Lumpur, but he said it was the first time he had been jungle trekking. The family's last text from Mr Gillatt came as he was taken back to his hotel yesterday. It read: "My darlings and friends. My battery is almost dead. How will I sleep in a bed after four nights under stars? Your love got me through. Love you all."


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