Thursday, March 24, 2005

New sms:“The pooch has left the fenced area!”

You don’t have to worry anymore about your escape pet artists. You'll soon receive this message on your mobile:“The pooch has left the fenced area”! GlobalPet Finder, powered by Syniverse's newly developed Mobile Device Control Service, provides pet owners with the ability to remotely monitor their pet's location. When my husky escapes, he does not return for at least 4 hours. I can’t wait to gadgetize my dog with this thing. This could really help the eagle, crocodile or snake owners too. I think the Pitt-bulls aren’t the case for GlobalPetFinder. If their on the loose, the owner’s Mobile Device Control Service which sends a SMS identifying the pet's location directly to a GSM mobile device such as a phone, pager or PDA , might turn useless or fall short, uh, with 2 feet. I hope I will draw my footstep marks outside that escape area. The GlobalPetFinder device allows the pet's owner to set safe boundaries within which the pet can roam and notifies the owner if the pet wanders outside of the boundary.
So you’ll have roaming included. Not for you, but for your pooch. The GlobalPetFinder device attaches to any collar and operates on three rechargeable AAA batteries. Syniverse also provided the registration, implementation and provisioning of the SMS short code "FOUND" for use with the GlobalPetFinder device. We should see then more signs with the “Found pet” inscription.


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