Monday, March 21, 2005

"Courtship" sms sends a soldier to the hospital

[ Via New Strait Times]
A nervous malaysian husband started to kick around when he found that a man send his wife an sms. This happened last night in Taman Tengku Anis in Pengkalan Chepa , Malysia. He almost killed off the man, a malaysian soldier, beating him with iron rods. He was assisted by two of his friends also in the activity. The soldier is laid up in a hospital probably regreting sending that sms to his lady-friend.
We all know that oral or written language had brought the shy people to power. Improved communication between members of communities produced partnerships between the shy people . Small 'revolutions' of the shy members had caused the "human bulls" to leave. It was thought that genetic evolution made the bullies dissaper. Apparently, the poor soldier didn't knew that there's one left and also didn't thought that human language could lead him to eventual dangereous causes of the written communication via the sms chanel . He perhaps wasn't aware that communication produces a feed back.They feeded back him allright. He is now under treatment at Kota Baru Hospital suffering from facial and bodily injuries. I know that the military servce is very stressful...but hey, hormons sometimes turn into small oral or written messages which produce good or bad effects. This time the effect was influenced by other factors though...some iron rods.


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