Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cheating via mobile phones goes wild in NY schools

New York's school chancellor was considering lifting a ban on cell phones. This wasn't a great idea . The New York Post reports NYC students are using their cell phones to cheat on tests:

Kids are using smuggled cell phones to send answers to classmates, store electronic crib notes and even photograph tests and pass them along to classmates, students reported.

The Post says the students interviewed say cell cheating is rampant, thanks to text messaging and camera phones. Two weeks ago, twelve students were accused of cheating during an exam at the University of Maryland by receiving the answers by SMS from friends outside the classroom. Apparently, they were reading off the answer keys posted on the Internet by a professor once the exam began. Come on , they can be smarter then that…what about the old library track? Is that so "uncool"? Anyway, similar stories have been reported around the world. It’s not even a new phenomenon. I understand test cheaters are action-oriented... a trip to the university library might turn into a negative action too. I'm pretty sure they'll search for some usefull appendix about smart mobile cheating...'a propos', that's mobile cheating at school tests. They will be caught on tape this time. Oh, the poor rebels!


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