Sunday, April 03, 2005

An epidemic among American students: cheating via SMS

A new epidemic is spreading among American students: cheating through cell-phones. According to The Post, more students from some schools in Bronx admitted that many of their colleagues are dialing up test answers. This “fever” appeared after the ban on mobile phones in schools had been lifted. Kids are using cell-phones to send answers to classmates, to store electronic crib notes and even photograph tests. There are student that even sell their answers through SMS. Rico Johnson, an 18 year old senior at Park West HS in Midtown, said he saw a classmate receiving answers during an exam. The answers came in by text message from a friend taking the same test at another school. The receiver distributed the answers by cell-phone to other students.
Dominique Lee, a student of 16 years old, said that cell-phone cheating is an "everyday" occurrence at Park West. "It's more convenient than digging in your book bag and getting caught," she said. Cheating via SMS is common also at Bronx Science and many other schools or colleges.
But despite of all these cheating fever, the officials say that the ban on using phone in schools was lifted as many parents wanted to have phone access to their children in emergencies.


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