Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HSBC starts a banking sms service in Malta

[Via HSBC Malta]

HSBC Bank Malta customers can now top up their Vodafone prepaid account or their go mobile card plan account anywhere and anytime they need, simply by sending an SMS.

No more running out of talk time at that critical moment!
, they say. Well, isn’t that cute? Remember the HSBC slogan?
Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge!
Apparently, the Maltese people know something more about the importance of the sms. They can also choose to start receiving SMS alerts on their mobile phone each time certain transactions occur on their accounts, credit or debit cards. This is the result of an SMS-based system designed by HSBC and the collaboration of Malta's two mobile telephony providers, Vodafone and Go mobile.
Customers who register for mobile services will receive a four-digit PIN which, when topping up, must be sent via SMS to one of two numbers according to the amount of top-up desired: 5061 9005 or 5061 9010 for a Lm5 or Lm10 top-up, respectively. They can also register for the service online, through HSBC's internet banking service or by visiting one of HSBC's branches. All customers will enjoy an extra 10 per cent free credit each time they top up their mobile phone using mobile services. This offer is valid until May 17. The top-up service is free if used in Malta.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Umar Akram said...

HSBC bank in Malta is one of the koolest bank Ive dealt with. Efficient and good service. Even though it serves a small amount of population (which is already very small)but them offering SMS to topup is amazing. Example for Banks in countries with greater popluation to utilize the power of SMS. Simple Easy at any mobile!


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