Sunday, April 17, 2005

Texting sad story

A lot of people are having big problems trying to text some thoughts on their mobile. Aside tiny keys, the biggest pain in the... phone is the predictive texting (T9). Here's a true sad story of our guy: " thought that it might be a good idea to disable the predictive text facility, which is the single stupidest invention since Sir Clive Sinclair’s electrical slipper. You’re no doubt familiar with the way it works. You type in “to” and it spends the rest of time guessing what the rest of the word might be. Tomorrow? Today? Toyota? Topazolite? Tonsil? It just can’t understand that you want to write “to” because, of course, in text speak, that’s spelt 2. Anyway, to disable the facility meant delving into the handbook, which contains 104 pages. Yes, 104 pages. For a phone. I knew I was in trouble."
Big trouble this is... Now that's a good reason to text on your PC keyboard ;)


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