Sunday, April 17, 2005

A thumb breaking record

Robert Vavey might just be New Zealand's (or even world's?) most prolific texter. He's a 17 sales assistant and sends a staggering 8,000 SMSes a month. That's one text message every four minutes every waking hour. He calls text messaging "the way of the future". "If you're out and about in town you can just text your mate and meet up with them. Text the girlfriend, all that sort of carry on. It's better than talking on the phone. It's a lot easier.", he says.
He spends now $280 on his monthly bill, being much more restrained, since last year, when he was left without an unlimited $10 plan from his telco. Back then, he used to send 15,000 SMSes a month... He must have some red hurting thumbs for that record!


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