Sunday, April 10, 2005

Text wars in Zimbabwe are over

Zimbabwe’s election week caused a flood of funny political SMSes. The first messages hit phones days before the poll: “MDC stands for Mugabe’s Departure is Certain.” And soon enough Zanu-PF supporters hit back: “Terri Schiavo dies after days of starvation: who is politicising food?” An MDC comeback then followed: “Ziva Anokupa Nzara Uchifa Pfungwa” — loosely translated, “You should know the culprit who gives people hunger and destroys their brains.”
This barrage of sarcasm intensified on election day. “Weather report: Partly Zanu-PF whilst most of the country will be MDC. There shall be a heavy MDC storm followed by a tsunami disaster at the state house.” Zanu-PF retorted: “First we had to fight for independence. Then they created HIV to exterminate us. Then we seized land. Now they want to eliminate the people’s gatekeeper. I am voting Zanu-PF to prevent the creation of another Australia with us as Aborigines.”
After the results, the MDC lost their SMS appetite, leaving the ruling party to have the final word: “Zanu PF is now and is the future.”


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