Monday, May 23, 2005

Wear your sms on your sleeve

Someone send a message to God: Father of creation, give me inspiration! The answer appeared sooner then expected. Uhh, I’ve never imagined this concept could actually materialize: a mono-sleeve accessory that changes pattern (creating pleats on the fabric) when receiving SMS messages. It’s called A-Nerve (accessory nerve). The wearer recognizes the sender from the pattern and when flattens the pleats with a hand stroke sends back a message to the other person saying “i call you back”, but in a very subtle and intimate way. A-Nerve was designed by Cute circuit in collaboration with Interaction Designer Line Ulrika Christiansen. To bad it’s already summer…perhaps the sun glasses could have been more suitable to both the idea and the weather. Anyway, I’m not a specialist so I'm giving credit to the creator. And if you keep the ZYB sms up your sleeve, you'll eventually strike it rich.


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