Friday, May 20, 2005

Chinese send 750 million SMS daily

Let me define a cool plot. ‘Capitalist’ mobile operators’ smses have spread through out the hole China. So, this sms thing my turn up into an efficient rumor machine after all…the result may soon be a democracy embryo!!! At least they have freedom of sms. I’m speechless! The story goes that the Short Messaging Service has increased in China by 39 per cent in the first quarter of the year to 67.21 billion messages. This is what the state media reported via The Hindustan Times. Chinese send 750 million SMS daily! Now, that's a start!

According to the Ministry of Information Industry, China's telephone subscriber base has touched 674 million, including 325 million fixed line phones and 349 million cellular phones, both occupying first place in the world, China News Service reported. In the first quarter, more than 30 new telecom services were introduced.


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