Monday, June 06, 2005

Big brother:text vote blunder

A fault in the text voting system led to dozens of fans receiving up to 1000 messages and facing massive phone bills. Isn’t that cute? But it’s wroooong! Viewers who vote by text get a message from Big Brother to say it has been counted. But a technical fault in the system led to 63 fans receiving the same confirmation message every few seconds. Ooops…just a small error in the system. The affected viewers were billed 35p for every unwanted message, the cost of registering each vote, but bosses say they will get their money back. Right. I’m glad somebody is watching over that sms service too. God knows what could have happened if big bro wasn’t watching. Control is power, power over others. Uh, interactivity? What?
[Via Daily Record]


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