Saturday, June 04, 2005

Study Reveals Hungarians Guilty of Rampant SMS Infidelity

Hungarian women have long been known for their great beauty and sparkling skin. Apparently, this and many other factors have an effect on how Hungarians act in their relationships. Doctoral student Katalin Nemescsói's research on "Human Relationships and the Mobile Culture" reveals that a majority of Hungarians in "committed" relationships surreptitiously read their partners' phone messages.
As many as 60% of those who took part in Katalin Nemescsói's research admitted to sneaking peeks at the in-boxes of their significant others' phones, looking for signs of SMS infidelity - even though 80% said they fully trust that their mates are not getting up to no good.
P.s. Well, I was in a Hungarian hospital once. I remember catching two massive women in white nurse's smocks checking my sms inbox. I must admit I was cheating on them….I’m guilty! Hey Katalin, I was never counted. Make that 61 %.


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