Wednesday, June 29, 2005

True lies and the Pinocchio phone

Let me tell you about True Lies! No, it’s not a movie…it’s a service designed to help people manage and update their lies. The service director: Angus Chan. Here it goes! First you have to provide the True.Lies service with a record of your lies and your daily schedule. Mr. Chan and his machines will then categorize and store them damn lies on a computer database. As they monitor your schedule and your record of lies, constant reminders are sent to you at the appropriate time through post, email, SMS, cash machines, phone booths, etc. to let you know the record of lies you have already made to the people you're about to meet. In the name of honesty, the project also includes the Pinocchio Phone: the more lies you tell, the longer the phone gets and the less privacy you have.
P.s. I’ve always wanted to say this: Pinocchio should have been a girl!


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