Friday, June 24, 2005

Unethical for telcos to lure students

[Via Daily express]

The Malaysian Government will set up a regulatory body to monitor the business ethics of telecommunication firms in the country, particularly those offering Short Messaging Service (SMS) promotions for students. Businessman, Peter Chua, expressed his disappointment with the way telcos conduct their business, especially the SMS, to reach student mobile users. Wellcome to the Marketing world! Enjoy your stay!

The mobile phone, to me, is important for communication but many students are simply using it as a lifestyle. They keep on downloading all sorts of "newbies" and spend a fortune on SMS-ing,
he said.
Chua said many of these students forgot that they are yet to secure jobs and that the money they were spending came from their parents' pockets.
Enticed by the telcos promotions, which has proliferated into so many kinds of confusing packages that look attractive but infested with hidden costs, the students continue to burn money,
he added.
Chua said the telcos should be doing their social obligation by not encouraging students to use more than they can afford. Right...
The Government could regulate the sales of cigarettes and liquor, why can't it regulate the telcos?
he asked.


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