Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NHS temp workers to get shifts by SMS

NHS human resources managers may soon find the force to text temporary staff on their books with details of their vacancies, thanks to a partnership announced between a staffing management software company and an SMS paging network. I’ll pray for that! Key IT Systems, which covers around 312 healthcare organizations, is to integrate a text messaging platform provided by PageOne into its staffing database software.
According to a spokesperson for PageOne, the existing software flags up any available workers within the organization's pool of temporary staff. Managers can then text appropriate people from an integrated interface within the system to let them know of vacancies. Temporary staff will be able to text back to let their managers know of their availability. The system is also able to target specific groups of employees, such as various grades of medical staff or shift workers. No information has yet been made available about text message charges for using the system..
[Via E-Health Insider]


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