Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Punchmuch, a cross Bbetween Canadian Idol and a Jukebox

CHUM Television, Canada's largest owner of specialty music stations, is setting up PunchMuch, a fully automated all-request music video station. PunchMuch is a cross between Canadian Idol and a jukebox, allowing viewers to request videos by sending SMS on their cellphones to the station.
PunchMuch's screen will display several different features running at once. The videos will dominate the screen, but the audience will also be able to give "shout out" text-messages to their 'homo-videns' friends. With its enriched screen, a ticker list will scroll with the names of videos that viewers can request, while other videos play. The list of songs will be updated based on what is being requested. Viewers who want to request a song, can do so by text-messaging the network on their mobile phone. Each request is considered a premium text message and will cost, uh, 50 cents. The videos that hit the screen are determined by the amount of votes they get.
[Via The-Globe-and-mail]


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