Saturday, July 02, 2005

Playwin introduces SMS lottery

Playwin Infravest has came out with this weirdo service: the Mobile Lotto for Mumbaikars. Cute…and intriguing! The service is currently available to the subscribers of Orange and BPL in Mumbai. Players can now play the Sikkim Super Lotto by choosing their lucky six numbers from 1 to 49 (each separated by a space, like LT 2 45 31 23 5 6) through SMS to Mobile Lotto number 7575. Every customer gets a return SMS confirming their chosen number, and one is also informed through SMS if they win. Users are charged Rs 10 per game, which is the same as what is charged through Playwin terminals, plus Re 1.50 towards government levies (on operator), while they get billed for the SMS messages they send as per the policy of the Mobile Operator. Playwin brings this facility of Sikkim Super Lotto on SMS in conjunction with Elabs, which has developed this unique concept of Mobile Lotto. Elabs is using its proprietary MOS Platform, a concept in which merchants, operators and subscribers are brought together to conduct various transactions. Elabs has also tied up with two of its associate companies, Xius India and Cibernet India, to implement this service.
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