Friday, July 29, 2005

Sales texting is a turn-off

Tack International’s latest research believes the popularity of the abbreviated message could have affected the art of conversation. The survey concluded that the explosion in text messaging may be damaging the ability of sales people to talk over the phone to sell products and services. Oh, well …no more irritating calls from annoying salesmen? You have to keep the faith though...
Almost 60 per cent of buyers surveyed gave a rating of fair to poor for the way sales people used the phone to try to drum up business. Less than a third felt there was a friendly or businesslike approach to the call while only 1 per cent categorised the quality of the call and efficiency of the caller as excellent. The research also showed that texting is a turn-off as a sales aid either because it was disliked or the abbreviations cause irritation. More than 80 per cent rated the text messages they received as poor while only 10 per cent said the quality was fair.
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