Saturday, July 30, 2005

Text messages used in solving a murder case

Detectives will be solving gun crimes and murder cases far faster using a simple handheld device... Maybe in about 100 years. Anyway, a small step has been made though. A Senior detective from U.K. has told The Cumberland News how cutting edge forensic analysis helped trap a Carlisle man who murdered his girlfriend. Kieran Grieve strangled Miss Flanagan after discovering that she had another lover.
He then tried to remove any forensic evidence that may have linked him to the killing. Grieve then set about sending a series of bogus text messages from Miss Flanagan’s mobile phone in an attempt to give the impression that she was still alive when he fled with Holly to Portsmouth. Detectives turned to three specialist companies in an attempt to discover how what Grieve claimed had happened compared with what the mobile phone evidence revealed. Using tracking techniques used in the Madrid bombing investigation, experts were able to show that Grieve lied about where Miss Flanagan was when messages were sent. The text messages he claimed she sent from the city centre were almost certainly sent from the couple’s flat by Grieve himself.
P.s. They guy in the picture is actually the killer...
[Via Cumbria-online]


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