Saturday, July 30, 2005

Singles work on sex drive

Single people stuck in a traffic jam may soon find the proper force to use their mobiles to send flirty text messages to strangers in nearby cars. Imagine! Say you see a nice girl in the car next to you…she catches your eyes instantly. You get yourself together and you jam text her (singles register their number plate and mobile details with the service provider and are given a number they can send their message to )… but what if the possessive guy next to her catches your eyebrows too? Worst case scenario, I know. Isn’t life wonderful? Remember…the person you decide to jam text must be also a member of the service. If they are not a member, the message is stored and revealed to them later if they join. Jam texting started in the US, and despite the protests of road safety groups is now being considered in Australia. Jam texting is one of a burgeoning number of mobile dating systems.
[Via The Advertiser]


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