Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why mobile phobic americans are slow to get the message

The Guardian takes a look on the shape of things that can lead too why America has been slow in picking up on text messaging.

Texting is perfect for the English because they'll do anything to avoid having to speak,
said Lorraine Stephenson, 34, from west London, who has recently opened a New York office for her company, Sharpcards, which sends pictures and videos via mobiles.
The Americans absolutely love to talk. They'll just ring someone up and be much more direct rather than text.

American viewers of X-rated television are receiving lessons in some unusual practical skills: how to send a text message.
So few Americans know how to text that scantily clad models promoting sex-chat telephone lines have to give tutorials in texting.
The US record for the number of text messages sent in a single day was broken on the day of this summer's Live 8 concerts and stands at 26.4 million. The British record is 133 million."


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