Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No more fumbling for coins or queuing to buy parking coupons

The Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) has launched its SMSnPark system which enables motorists within the municipality to use the short message service (SMS) to pay for parking.This alternative parking payment system was introduced by Digital Tempo Sdn Bhd for the parking concessionaire, Godell Parking Sdn Bhd.Motorists wishing to use SMSnPark must register a prepaid account with Digital Tempo s ForeCash Prepaid System (FPS), a mobile payment system which uses the cell phone numbers as an identification and authentication device for convenience and security.
Upon registration, motorists will receive a starter pack which would include windscreen sticker and a list of parking rates.Each time they park, all they have to do is send an SMS containing the local council s zone (appears on the SMSnPark signage on the parking machine), motor vehicle registration number and the time duration required for parking and send it to 32828 (see graphic at right).MPPJ president Datuk Ahmad Termizi Puteh said he was proud that MPPJ is the first municipality in the country to implement such a modern and convenient system.


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