Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Singapore students use SMS English in school

Apparently, the 19-25 generation in Singapore is raving about the fact that they're the only ones to understand the abbreviating, number substituting, and vowel-dropping nature and meaning of the SMS English and they're using it not only on mobile texting, but also "in reports (10 per cent), homework (11 per cent) and letter writing (24 per cent)".

Wud is SMS Eglsh?

SMS Eglsh is mor zan chat Eglsh, IRC Eglsh or IM Eglsh. SMS Eglsh has 2 fit in 160 chars evry tim its used. THIS asks for svr hackin!:) -this paragraph would have saved you 26 precious characters if you have smsed it*

The survey, quoted by Today Online also revealed other stuff I was about to write someday anyway. It looks like ten percent of people go over their mobile subscription fee because of the greediness of Phone operators that have rip-off prices even for sms...and 2 per cent even have to close down their phone because of the resulting high monthly fees.

Back to fun in the sun, 20 per cent admitted "that they had used their camera phones to take photos of strangers without their consent." This opens a whole new window of opportunity to voyeurism, since "I took you a photo while you were naked and put it on the internet" is such 1997 compared to "Stand still, honey, I'm taking you a mobile pic and sending it to all the people in my adress book."

Say cheese:)
Or,in sms EGLSH, SAY CHZ PPL!!!

*Whole straight English phrase:
SMS English is more than chat English, IRC English or IM English. SMS English has to fit in 160 characters every time it is used. THIS asks for severe hacking!:) -161 characters, smiley included.


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