Sunday, March 20, 2005

Those greedy telcos...

Some mobile operators don't give a damn to their client’s good. In fact, they prove to think only how to attract more customers and how to make them use the phone a lot. This erciless politics has a negative effect especially on teenagers, who can be easily tempted to use the phone more and more. And that's not only expensive, but also causes health problems, especially when it comes to mobile texting. This is the case of an Australian girl, aged 13. Medical Journal of Australia published a report from south Australian general practitioner Robert Menz, who describes the case of this girl who walked into his surgery with a swollen right forearm. He said that further enquiry revealed that she had this incident because of the mobile phone. The mobile operator she used had an offer of $100 credit that had to be used in a month, equaling to nearly 300 SMS messages. That's 10 messages a day! She was also permitted to use 760 characters per message, instead of the usual 160. Menz's patient had been using only her right thumb to press the keypad and wrote message after message. She was diagnosed with “texting tendonitis”, the first case of this kind in Australia.
The operators should include health warning when they launch such “generous” offers, especially that this case is not the only one: in Italy, a young girl who used to sent 100 text messages per day (!!!) had serious problems with her thumb...


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