Sunday, March 20, 2005

SMS Saving Lives in South Africa

A bottle can't ring. This is one of my firmest and most sacred beliefs...untill South African company Tellumat thought to make me realise that technology is fast forwarding at amazing speeds. An SMS sending pill bottle? Yes. The thing was developed by Cape Town doctor David Green and local communications company Tellumat. The bottle houses a microchip which sends an SMS to a hospital or doctor each time the cap is removed. If no SMS is received when the patient is supposed to take a pill, the bottle rings to remind them. At the moment, price is an issue, with the chip costing no cheaper then $40 a bottle.
After all the gadget inventions I couldn't picture, this one comes to tell me my prediction genes weren't there since the beginning. I only can imagine a nurse sending me an SMS. I have a dream though: a sexy ringing nurse :)


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