Friday, March 18, 2005

Thumb Wrestling Championship (TWC)

Virgin Mobile' PR's team shows crazzy creativity opening the very first official Thumb Wrestling Championship (TWC). The show is set to take place in Miami between March 22-25. Now that's what I call texting force promotion. Or not?

Thumb wrestling is hands-down the best way to condition your thumbs for text messaging
, said Peter Boyd, vice president of promotions and partnerships for Virgin Mobile USA.
More than 70 percent of our customers used text messaging in 2004 and we care about their well-being. We hope that this competition will help raise awareness about the importance of training your thumbs before taking on something as intense as Text Fest when all of our users get free texting for a month.

Winners receive a Virgin Mobile phone plus $200 in airtime. The final championship match will take place March 25, where the last thumb standing will win a flyaway trip worth over $3,000.
Now what about the doctors telling customers to rest the green thumbs after heavy texting? Isn't Virgin thinking about customer protection? Perhaps the fight's winner could get also a nice trial compensation as a price. That could be a nice hair-raising experience for Virgin! But, let's think positive! Nobody is going to get hurt by texting his message to a girl or a boy? Except the case when her boyfriend or gorlfriend comes out to thumb fight the texter.


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