Thursday, January 27, 2005

Yahoo Local Search by SMS? Nooo,but try again...

Finally Yahoo! has jumped in the "local mobile search" bandwagon
started by Google.

This time, however, the Yahoo Send To Phone does, as the name clearly states, quite the opposite of the Google SMS search, and instead of enabling you to query the search engine by texting it the keywords and zip and receive the results in a SMS, you do the local search on your PC and send it to your phone to.... "save it". It's some kinda "rightclick, then click Save Target As, and then select My Phone". Only that you have to pay for it.(at your mobile operator's SMS charge rates - I am so sorry for all zee Germans out there reading my blog, I know you're paying 24 cents per SMS:( )

Is there any doubt that Google's SMS Search is waaaay more useful than a boring "save to my phone"...?


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