Monday, March 14, 2005

A law against SMS spam- CAN-SMS-SPAM

US Senate began an inquiry into reforms in the multi-billion wireless industry. On top of the list there's the known practice of some telecommunication companies to randomly send (usually commercial) SMSes and MMSes to their clients without their consent and approval for these spamming actions. Hopefully, measures will be enacted in a law that would address this invasion of privacy and SPAM, and the problem it might cause in the efficient delivery and receipt of messages. Two committees were tasked to inquire into the necessity of affording consumer protection to cellular mobile phone service subscribers against unfair trade practices and “of adopting measures to promote their safety and security against criminal elements.”
Spam blocking is all about receiving only what one needs and wants to read,ahem, read, all ONE REQUESTS and when it comes to SMS, spamming is an issue. If 'one' believes this is not true, 'one' should try to use a mobile phone in Japan.


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