Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NO more sms spam from my telco? Yeah, right!

Finally, somebody has turned an eye on SMS Spam. No, it's not the mobile companies, but Trend Micro (remember PC-Cilin, the PC anti-biotic?) who has launched Trend Micro Mobile Security 2.0, which provides, among virus-detecting abilities, a so called Anti-spam for SMS feature.
Levels of usage and succes will yet to be reavealed after beta testing. I am SOOO curious where is this heading. I have enough trouble with email spam filters, that sometimes keeps my wanted email in the dogpound, and slips an occasional "free ipod inside". We'll investigate this and tell you all the details (if it's based on whitelisting, blacklisting and all..) Frankly, I'd like to receive SMS only from the people in my phone's address book.

But we're missing the whole point here, again. The problem with sms spam isn't like email, with list buyers/spammers, the problem with sms spam is deep within the mobile companies. These are the ones sending spam SMSes...

However, you can download for free Trend Micro Mobile Security 1.0. It will expire on June 30, 2005. So, don't hurry.


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