Thursday, April 07, 2005

Australian sms spammer blames unfair laws

[Via Cellular-news]
We have another spammer caught in the act. Here it goes! An online car buying service in Australia was fined this week for sending out a ton of SMS text spam to mobile phones. The company apparently went through classified ads in newspapers to collect phone numbers, which they then, uh, spammed…of course. That’s what I call a action-oriented business. It remains to bee seen whether the strategy was benefic or not. Noooot! While the company in question initially apologized for the spamming and said it was an "honest mistake," it's beginning to sound like that apology wasn't so sincere. The company is now hitting back that the anti-spam law is unfair to smaller companies. Larger companies can still use telemarketers to annoy users in a different (but similar) way. Of course, all this really suggests is that Australia needs to do a better job stopping unwanted telemarketing also. It’s like a bad kid who says he should have not been punished because there are a lot of kids doing the same thing. That’s called the ‘sucker effect’ in psychology. They have clearly missed the point…or they’ve played the sucker card to escape accusations.


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