Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Big bang of the chinese sms market


China is all about big numbers. Here is one ! 4,470,488,611.59 USD (37 billion yuan) . That’s the expected value of China's short messaging service (SMS) market by 2008 …with some 360 million users. IT research firm Analysys International said yesterday. Market, er, prediction of course…
“As more users become familiar with what their phones can do, they begin to rely on added features such as SMS, making it more likely that users will try new mobile phone technology in the future,” Analysys telecom research manager Joe Zhou said in a statement.
China will have an estimated 270 million SMS users this year with a market value of 4 billion USD (33 billion yuan), the Beijing-based research firm said.
Last year, the value of China's SMS market hit 3,383,072,462.83 USD (28 billion yuan) with 237 million SMS users, of which held the largest share with 18%, followed by Tencent with 15% and with 9%, Analysys added.
In China, married coupled are only allowed one child per ... each family .I wonder if the Chinese government will come out with a law that will allow only one mobile telephone per family. Neeeeey! While the growing population remains a serious issue, the boom of the sms market isn’t that worrying.


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