Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wireless text flirting is for shy guys

Welcome to wireless text flirting, the newest, easiest way to show someone you're interested. Simply punch in the requisite letters, type in the destination phone number, and hit send. No more love letters, no more "baby, what's your sign?" and best of all, no more face-to-face rejection. Dialogues like: "U r cute. FanC a d8?"/"Sure. 2moro @ 8?" are more and more common in bars&discos.
But while texting is a dream come true for those tired of the midnight mate-search and crowded bar scenes, the text craze leaves some feeling cold. Out in the cold, that is. In a February 2005 survey by Cingular, 8 percent of its users shockingly admitted to having dumped someone through "crude, wireless behavior." So... whatever goes up has to come down. Eventually


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