Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sms art

Today was a good day for surfing…the net. I stumbled upon an interesting site…, aka S19.Afflatus Project, err, a web art gallery for mobile devices. And there, at the gallery, I saw something that caught my clicks. I’m talking about 160. It’s an archive of 160 SMS messages treasured in the past 18 months by Katie Lips. These messages, of up to 160 characters each have been sent to her from her boyfriend, sister, parents, and friends, from phone companies and people offering her SMS porn. It is a snapshot made available for anyone else to browse how they choose, to make their own judgements about her, uuhh, text life, and the people who send her messages. She is a little exposed I guess. This is what the critics said about the whole thing:

Katie's work with Digital media is centred around the concept of the 'user as content creator', the notion that we all create art and communications without necessarily trying.
I’m glad she shared with us her significant text life experience.


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