Friday, May 13, 2005

Google thinks SMS

Dodgeball, a company founded and run by Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert, graduates of New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, allows subscribers to send text messages to pre-selected friends, and friends of friends, within a 10-block radius.

This service targets young adults and allows them to organise social gatherings following the growing trend of interaction-based social neworking. However, unlike other websites, Dodgeball encourages offline interaction (also called real life :).

As a two-person team, Alex and I have taken Dodgeball about a far as we can alone,
Crowley wrote.
We talked to a lot of different angel investors and venture capitalists, but no one really 'got' what we were doing -- that is until we met Google. The people at Google think like us. They looked at us in a 'You're two guys doing some pretty cool stuff, why not let us help you out and let's see what you can do with it' type of way.
It looks like the good guys at Google have found something of interest in text messaging. Can they work their magic with texting aswell?


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