Monday, May 23, 2005

Dumped by sms

Bad could soon become a victim of the 'unsocial' partner-dumping via the sms method. If a boy-girl combo could start in a chatroom, then this dumping by sms thing is no surprise I guess. A study at Institute of Technology Sligo has found WOMEN are more likely to dump their partner by text message than men …While most of the 60 students surveyed preferred the face-to-face approach, more than one-in-four women had delivered the bad news by text.
This compared to just 14% of men who admitted to texting their ‘Dear John’ message. The survey was carried out by overseas students on IT Sligo’s Bachelor of Business in International Marketing course among fellow students.

There was a strong reaction when we asked that question
, said survey team member Marina Bartolacci from Italy.
Some people were very definite, saying they would not do it. But some said ‘yes’ very easily.

P.s. There goes the tradition! No more "Dear John" letters...Anyway, according to my survey, virtual John will get another message:'I'm sooo sorry John. I was soooo wrong!' And a third one of course:" You arrogant, cretinous and incompetent ass! Who's that girl I've seen you with?'


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