Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ordering food via sms

British don't eat much British food. Anyway, perhaps ordering food via sms might bring them back to traditional food. A Banbury-based website and text message system will allow you to order your favourite banquet and have it delivered to your door simply by sending a text message. For the price of a message, about 25p, receives your text and delivers...The project was started by the web designer Hugh Johnston, of Teal Close, Banbury, who said the system was unique.
He said: Imagine you are watching the football on a Saturday afternoon and you decide you fancy a curry. You can take out your mobile and simply text CURRY1 to 60999 and have it delivered as soon as you get home. Sounds pretty fast-foodish to me...The company has your food file, and using specially designed Samsung SMS-to-fax technology, faxes your order to the specified restaurant so it is ready for you to pick it up, have it delivered, or eat in, as you want it and depending on how the restaurant in question operates. But it is an intelligent system as well.

We check the restaurant is open and able to produce the food and then we text the customer back to say everything is fine before sending the fax to the restaurant,
said Mr Johnston. Aside from the standard meal set-up, the website will feature special offers, festive meals and other extras running in the restaurants. It’s still british food though…too bad. I hope they've got pizza too. It is set to pilot in Banbury from May but once it is up and running, Mr Johnston plans to expand it nationwide, and he is confident it will boom. Well, good luck then! By the way, the food in the picture looks strange...err, I hope that they will not serve you with those yellow things .


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