Sunday, May 01, 2005

SMS confirms David Beckham is cheating Victoria

A steamy SMS sent by David Beckham was received by Spanish supermodel Esther Canadas. The England and Real Madrid star, who claimed this week to "respect women" and insisted he was happily married, sent the 28-year-old model a message reading: "Have a safe flight baby and I really wish we was in your bed now." Another message found on a mobile - which the Beckhams' former nanny Abbie Gibson borrowed from the England captain - and sent to the same number said "Hola, X".
Beckham first met Esther at a party thrown by his Real Madrid team-mate Ronaldo two years ago. They were rumoured to have kissed at the party while wife Victoria Beckham was at home in England and were later reported to have been texting each other.


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